Technological Innovation Policy

Elsoft is among the leading innovators in the optoelectronics test and burn-in development arena. The record of innovation is well documented in our history over the past decade and well known by our customers, whose performance we enhance everyday.

Through the harvest from R&D commitment, no one understands the rewards and importance of R&D emphasis more than Elsoft do. Inevitably, Elsoft is committed to continuous R&D in order to remain the competitiveness and legacy. The management of Elsoft believes that growth through technical breakthrough is vital in maintaining its competitive edge in this industry. The R&D team is constantly expanding its capabilities beyond its current boundaries. Design excellence is the ultimate goal of the R&D charter and target to translate that to customers’ performance.

R&D Chapter

  1. Develop and create value to the company and customers through design excellence.
  2. Ensure company’s competitiveness and intellectual property is protected through continuous improvement and breakthrough innovations.

R&D Objectives

Elsoft’s R&D objectives are to:
  1. Launching cost competitive solutions to the marketplace on low cost and timely basis
  2. Challenging the status quo to maintain the Group’s leading edge position.

By setting the above charter, objectives and through measures put in place to meet them, the Group hopes to continuously improve its technology capabilities and explore new avenues to provide higher value added services to customers, maintain the Group’s leading edge position and to propel the future growth of the Group.

R&D Policy

The company has outlined an R&D master policy based on the Group’s aspirations and anticipated developments within the industry. In its R&D master policy, the Group has identified certain projects which will form the thrust of the Group’s R&D pursuits for the next five (5) years including structural improvements to facilitate the Group’s R&D efforts. The structural improvements include development of the R&D staff force, leverage on information technology to boost its R&D capabilities and investment in state-of-art infrastructure.

This policy is last updated on 01/01/2019.