Anti Corruption and Bribery Policy

Elsoft Group is committed to conduct its businesses with the highest standard of professionalism, integrity, ethics and legality. Consistent with this commitment, all directors and employees are to conduct themselves in accordance with this expectation in all aspects of the company’s activities.

Directors and employees are prohibited from soliciting, receiving or otherwise avail themselves of courtesies, gratifications and any other undue advantages from any parties in order to secure a business or personal advantage. Likewise, Directors and employees are prohibited from offering, giving or proposing similar incentives to any parties to secure a business advantage for the company.

Elsoft Group also expects its suppliers, contractors, consultants and any other parties with whom it conducts business with to adopt, conform and adhere to such values and ethical standards.

The purpose of this Policy, which is applicable to all directors and employees of Elsoft Group, is to:

  1. Outline the broad principles underlying ethical and legal conducts to guide business judgements and transactions,
  2. Set out the responsibilities of its employees and Elsoft Group, as a corporate entity, to comply with applicable laws relating to bribery and corruption; and
  3. Provide information and guidance to those working for Elsoft Group on how to recognize and deal with bribery and corrupt practices that may arise or confronting them in the course of daily business and operational activities.

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