We are the
Leading Provider Of
LED Test & Burn In Systems.

Our Products & Solutions

At Elsoft, we principally involved in research, design and development of test and burn-in systems and application specific embedded systems. We mainly provides cost effective ATE solutions to the semiconductor, optoelectronic and automation industries.

Our Commitments

At Elsoft, we are committed to practice the principles of good corporate governance, continuity of technological research and development, recognizing and rewarding the hard work of our people, and a robust whistle blowing framework to encourage the people to expose wrongdoing.




Whistle Blowing

Latest Events

At Elsoft, we believe the best investment is to invest on our future generations. We are active in providing educational and community service to ensure our younger generation is exposed with the latest science and technology.

2023 Annual Report

Flourishing Futures Ahead

Elsoft Research Berhad has ambitions to usher in a bright and flourishing future, a future in which the company thrives in research and developments. The company has been devoted to intensify its research and development efforts which will bring in opportunities for growth to the company. By continuing to intensify these features and encourage growth, Elsoft Research Berhad will be recognized as a shining beacon of greatness in the future.